Letter from the President of Asian Pacific World War II Memorial Museum Project


My Dear Friends:

For the past two decades, Chinese Americans all over USA have worked with other ethnic groups such as Korean Americans to achieve a goal - demanding Japanese to apologize to the World War II victims for the atrocities committed during the eight-year long war which caused more than 35 million Chinese lives and billions and billions of property damage.

2007 marks the first major victory in our collective effort. The USA Congress has uniamously passed the House Resolution 121 on July 31 to demand Japanese Government to officially accept the responsibility and to apologize to the "comfort Women."

While the Chinese population all over the world is rejoicing and celebrating this hard-fought victory, we cannot afford to rest yet. We have another major hurdle to overcome - making Japanese accepting responsibility of the Nanking Massacre.

On December 13, 1937, Japanese Army entered the ancient Chinese Capital City of Nanking and started a month-long massacre of innocent and unarmed citizens. More than 300,000 people were murdered and thousands of women were raped and killed. Since the end of the war in 1945, Japanese Government had not apologized to those victims. In fact the right-wing group in Japan has openly and shamelessly denied the Nanking Massacre and claimed that some of the killings were merely "incidents" in a war.

So our next task will be to force the Japanese Government to reverse its positiona and to acknowledge and accept the responsibility of the Nanking Massacre. We will use puclic awareness of this tragedy to achieve our goal.

On November 18, a special 70-year Anniversary Memorial Concert for the Nanking Massacre will be held in the Maryland Strathmore Hall. World class performers, vocalists, dancers, and instrumentalists, will travel from oversea to Maryland to put on an extraordinary concert for the audience.

I like to invite you and your spouse, friends, employees, and any other guests that you may want to invite to this special Concert. Honorary guest will include US Senators, Congressmen, State and local government officials, community leaders, major business leaders, and others. We want to use this concert to kick off another media blitz to the Japanese Government.

So please mark this important date on your calander. I will forward the concert program, ticketing information, donation information, etc to you shortly. Please help us in the promotion of this major event.

As always, your support and contribution are greatly appreciated by us.

Your Sincerely,

Jeff Chen


Asian Pacific World War II Memorial Museum Project

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