AGIS Center for Arts and Humanities


Date Events
05/31/13 The Embroidery Girl
02/21/11 Chinese New Year Acrobatic Spectacular
12/10/10 Forbidden Fruit under the Great Wall
12/07/10 Outstanding Chinese Artiest & Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
12/26/09 Eastern Violin Meets Western Violin - The New Year Concert
01/30/09 China Star Performing Arts Group
11/18/07 Nanjing Performing Arts Group "Ode to Peace"
09/28/07 The Outstanding Oversea Chinese Ladies in the Classical Music
09/16/07 Chinese Star Performing Arts Group
05/12/07 Violin by Li Chuanyun
02/23/07 China Broadcasting Performing-Arts Group
05/5-23/06 China National Symphony Orchestra 2006 U.S. Tour
01/16/06 Piano Recital Concert by Ms. SA CHEN
10/16/05 The 12-Girls Band Concert
10/1-30/05 Festival of China, The J. F. Kennedy Center
07/09/05 Memorial Concert for The 60th Anniversary of WW-II in Asian Pacific Theatre
05/01/05 Yundi Li Piano Recital
03/11/05 China Philharmonic Orchestra
02/26/05 Cho-Liang Lin and National Philharmonic in Strathmore
02/13/05 Echo of the Century - Legendary Chinese Singers
01/30/05 Peking University Performing Arts Group
10/01/04 Shanghai Traditional Instruments Orchestra
04/25/04 Yundi Li Piano Recital Concert
03/03/04 Founding Celebration Gala
10/01/03 Shanghai Symphony Orchestra - The Night of Golden Autumn
02/02/03 Piano Recital Concert by Mr. Yin, Chengzong
10/03/02 Violin Concerto Concert "The Butterfly Lovers" by Mr. Siqing L
10/07/01 Piano Concerto Concert "The Yellow River" by Mr. Yin, Chengzong